I’m 29, married to a wonderful man named Zeus (yes, like the Greek god and yes, his parents were probably high at the time), and we have two amazing pups: Yoda, a Corgi, and Pegasus, a Great Dane. We love the size difference, they get along great, and, of course, Yoda is the ruler of the roost. I work as a copywriter for a small web design/marketing company that specializes in hospitality websites. I live in FL, but am always looking for an opportunity to leave it and explore!

Why the blog?

Zeus and I love food and we love to cook together (one of the many reasons I married him). We are always challenging ourselves to try new things and learn new recipes. This blog is about our attempts at new recipes, some I make up, but many I just find and interpret in my own way. You’ll also find some of our travels sprinkled in (complete with delicious food pics of course!), because that is our other favorite thing to do. Hope you enjoy!

My Love ❤


Our Pups/Kids


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