Why is the bread gone?

It’s farm bag day! I forgot to put the bag out today because I kind of forgot about the whole thing to be honest, but the farm bag came anyway 🙂 (they give you a reusable bag with all your produce and then you leave it out when your next delivery comes). It was missing an item though… so I’ll set the scene.

I walked in from work today to an extremely clean house—there was a mop bucket outside indicating my floors were squeaky clean (yay!) and the house smelled of Pine-Sol—and a freshly mowed lawn. But no dogs come to greet me, so I assume they’re outside. I walk into the bedroom and Zeus is resting from all his housework today (he’s been off all week, lucky bastard). I ask if the dogs are outside, and he says “No, they’re in their kennels.” I figure he may have put them in there because it’s too hot for them outside (it was 100 degrees outside when I got home today) and he didn’t want the newly mopped floors to get messed up by their perpetually covered-in-dirt paws. But he continues with his story, “They ate all the bread from the farm bag.” “They did what?!?” I respond. How could they get into the bread from the farm bag? Did Pegasus pull the whole bag off the counter or something? Nah. That’s not how it happened.

Zeus was mowing the lawn and noticed the bag sitting outside, so he set it on the floor just inside the front door. Within easy reach of always-hungry dogs who don’t normally get treated to human food. So he walked into bread crumbs all over the place and some extremely guilty looking dogs. And let me tell you, Pegasus’ and Yoda’s guilty faces are the best. In fact, I’ll show you.

They’re both very good at avoiding eye contact when they’ve done something wrong, but they’re incredibly adorable so it’s really hard to stay mad at them. Who needs bread anyway? (Me. I need bread. From the French Pantry. Damnit dogs…)

So now you know how the bread went missing, we can talk about this week’s very colorful farm bag.

Local Fare Sourcing List for 7/7:

  • Tomatoes
  • Florida Mangos (Mmmm…mangos…)
  • Green Bell Peppers
  • Pickling Cucumbers
  • SC Peaches (These were so big—the size of my hand!)
  • Okra (I literally let out a squeal of delight when I saw this, mainly because I get them all to myself because Zeus hates okra. Hehehe.)
  • Yellow Crookneck Squash (One of my favorite sides!)
  • The French Pantry’s French Batard (RIP delicious, freshly baked bread)

IMG_8334I’m hoping to actually have some time to do something with these fruits and veggies, but I won’t get too ambitious about it. Stay tuned for new things!

As always, check out the website for more info about Local Fare farm bags. “Eat Local. Eat Seasonal. Eat Healthy.”


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