May (#2) – I Had a Craving for Something Gouda

On my way home today, I had a craving for gouda cheese. There was a lot of talk about cheese at work today (nothing new really – classic Viz); the first three things on the signup sheet for next week’s cookout are mac and cheese, cheesecake, and cheese. But I needed dinner, so I figured combining it with chicken would be a delicious option. I’ve never really cooked with gouda though, other than making grilled cheese sandwiches or cheese toast, so what spices would I use? Would I sauté or bake it? To the internet!

The first recipe that popped up with my “chicken and gouda cheese” search query was bacon-wrapped chicken stuffed with gouda cheese. Bacon? Gouda? Chicken? Say no more. I was sold.

So I got home, took out some chicken and bacon, and set them in the sink to thaw. I actually did have to make a trip to the grocery store so I figured I’d do it while waiting. Stayed in the grocery store way too long and bought way too much, but I came home to thawed chicken and bacon, so all was well.

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Smothered with Gouda Cheese

I already had a whole pack of sliced gouda cheese so I didn’t buy any more. So instead of stuffed, this chicken was smothered. I mixed together 1/4 tsp cayenne and 1/2 tsp each of garlic powder (maybe a tad bit more because duh), paprika, and pepper in a tiny bowl that was probably stolen from Outback or some place. (Don’t judge me; it had sauce in it and they didn’t bring me a to-go container.) Then, I spread the spices on both sides of each piece of chicken (3 chicken breasts). Next, I placed a piece of gouda cheese on top and wrapped each with two pieces of bacon. Popped them into the oven at 375 degrees.

While waiting for ze chicken to cook, I boiled some corn on the cob and sautéed some more kohlrabi and collard greens (all delivered by Local Fare). This was the other (larger) half of the kohlrabi I cooked on Monday; it was slightly larger than a softball so there was plenty for both meals, with tons of leftovers. I also cooked the rest of the pack of bacon, and now my house smells like a bacon-filled heaven.

After 40 minutes or so, I took the chicken out. The cheese was gooey and bubbling; it looked divine.


Isn’t it beautiful? Nom nom nom…

Anyway…I made my plate, turned on the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy (they didn’t kill anyone in this one; I am so shocked), and dug into my chicken. It was really, really good. Though I do have some ideas to make it better next time: using fresh garlic and more spices (blackening season maybe? definitely some seasoning salt or Everglades heat), and maybe actually stuffing the chicken with cheese (although I think having the piece on top is still a must). Who doesn’t love more cheese? I might even cook the bacon beforehand for a minute to try to get it crispier. I like really crispy bacon, but this was good enough.

I would say until next month, but I plan on making some cheesecake for a work function next week. So until then 🙂


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  1. Mm.. Gouda is definitely one of my favorite cheeses ever. Never thought about it with bacon but it totally fits! Awesome recipe:)


    1. Thank you! I never thought about it before either but it was really good.

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