February – Two New Meals in One

Hello February, you wonderful, cold month of love! We celebrated Valentine’s Day by staying in and cooking a new meal, because really, who wants to be out in those crowds of awkward, I-have-to-take-her-out-or-she’ll-kill-me couples? To be honest, we weren’t really being crafty by not going out on actual Valentine’s Day; Zeus worked all day and it was just easier to stay at home. So I went shopping for ingredients during the day and got it all prepped for dinner that night.

Chili Lime Shrimp & Swordfish Bowls

A year ago, you couldn’t get me to eat fish. I always liked the flavor, but not the texture. So Zeus, being the helpful, patient saint that he is, has tried to help me figure out what kind of fish I may or may not like. It turns out I like the kind that don’t really have the typical texture of fish – swordfish, flounder, etc.

This brings me to our February meal – Chili Lime Shrimp & Swordfish Bowls. I went to Fresh Market because it seemed to me that swordfish wasn’t a normal fish you could just buy in a normal store, plus I had never been to it, even though it’s right up the road. I walked in there and knew it was trouble. It took every fiber of my being to walk out of there with only the fish and shrimp, but I did it. EVERYTHING JUST LOOKED SO PRETTY AND DELICIOUS!


So after my shopping, I came home, started cooking some fresh black beans, and marinated the fish/shrimp as instructed. Then I made the pineapple salsa, which included cilantro, jalapeño, onions, and some spices. I will say I am not a fan of sweet salsas, but this one was amazing. It has the perfect amount of sweet and spicy and was a great addition to the whole meal at the end.

When Zeus got home, we boiled some quinoa, sautéed the fish and shrimp, and prepared our bowls one layer at a time – quinoa, black beans, pineapple salsa, shrimp and fish! All the flavors worked together wonderfully and we had just enough salsa left for chip dipping 🙂 #Robertsmealofthemonth for February was another success!


Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

But wait, there’s more! Local Fare delivered yet another head of cabbage, so I had to figure out something to do with it. This time it was a Napa cabbage, and those are usually used in cabbage roll recipes. So seeing as we had never tried stuffed cabbage rolls, I decided to go with that. I can’t find the exact recipe but this one is pretty similar. I would spend more time trying to find the exact one if it was good, but it was just ok. Had potential but not the best meal in the world.

I decided I would cook this meal on a random Friday night. Zeus was working on some project and I went to the gym after work, so I didn’t get home until around 6:30. I expected to be done cooking around 8 or so, not too crazy late. But I was mistaken. I have a habit of not fully reading a recipe before starting it; I mainly look at the ingredients to see if I have everything or if I need to go shopping, and then I glance at the steps to see how difficult they are. But I rarely look at the preparation and cooking time. I will from now on, because it took 2 hours for these rolls to cook. I have no idea why. They also took a while to prepare – rolling bison meat and other filling into each leaf was pretty tedious.

While the final product was fine enough, it just wasn’t that tasty. You pour tomato soup in the bottom of the pan and over top of the rolls, plus some onions and garlic cloves. But the soup just wasn’t flavorful enough to make it good. And why wasn’t there any cheese in this recipe? Cheese is the thing that holds us all together. I was too preoccupied with the time it was taking to prepare that I didn’t even think about adding cheese. So while I like the idea of these stuffed cabbage rolls, I need something different to convince me to make them again – something with more flavor. Maybe the cheese will help. I will continue to search. Until March!



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