A New Beginning

I started this blog well over 2 years ago and here is my first post. My original idea was to talk about/make fun of all the stupid things that I came across while working as a copywriter for a large web design/marketing company (think of the most basic internet name for a website and you’ve got it!), but I grew to hate that job so much that the thought of writing all day and then coming home and writing at night made me cringe. I wanted nothing to do with a computer or reading or words after work, because all I did all day was turn crap into gold, and then get yelled at for not doing it well enough. I’m grateful for the people I met there (this most of all) and the opportunity I was given to get out of retail and build my resume doing something I (somewhat) enjoyed, but other than that, that place can go f**k itself right into bankruptcy. Moving on now.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and then we’ll get onto this new blog. I’m 27, married to a wonderful man named Zeus (yes, like the Greek god and yes, his parents were probably high at the time), and we have two amazing pups: Yoda, a corgi, and Pegasus, a great dane. We love the size difference and of course, Yoda is the ruler of the roost. I still work as a copywriter but now for a much smaller, more specialized web design/marketing company. We live in FL, but love to get out and see the world. I have the biggest case of wanderlust ever, especially after our last trip to Europe (2014). We went to France (Paris,  Tours, and Toulon), Spain (Barcelona), Italy (Cinque Terre, Rome, Naples/Sorrento/Amalfi, and Venice), Greece (Mykonos and Athens), and Turkey (Istanbul and Ephesus) and it was amazing. This year, we get to go back, and we’re going to Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; Cologne and Munich, Germany; and Prague, Czech Republic. I’m sure there will be a post all about it in the future.

Now…for this new blog idea. It’s really nothing new for the blogosphere, but it’s new for me. I love to cook, and eat. A few years ago, my husband and I made a New Year’s resolution to cook more–to try one new recipe a month. We both know how to cook and are very good at it, but we would get stuck in a rut and cook the same things over and over. So this resolution was our attempt at trying new things. The first year was wonderful and we did succeed in a new recipe every month, though a few may have been late. I think there was one thing we weren’t crazy about, but otherwise, it was all delicious. So I’m thinking I’ll share those recipes, and others that I feel like making, on here with you, along with my thoughts on the process.

Now because I don’t like being limited to one thing, there may, from time to time, be a blog post about something crazy I heard that day that I just have to talk about, a wonderful experience I had doing something new and interesting, or a new place we’ve traveled to filled with delicious treats and other experiences. So here we go!


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